Just Met Me!

Connect instantly with people you meet with JustMetMe app!

When you meet an interesting new person, you often want to stay in touch. If only there was a quick way to share your social media details with them!

Sometimes it's not convenient to start typing phone numbers and app usernames, especially if you are in a middle of an interesting conversation. What's more, you may want to share your contact info with many people at the same time.

How does it work?

With JustMetMe app, all you need to do is open the app and show it to your new contact. They will instantly get links to the social media accounts and other contact info you have decided to share with them.

It's now up to your new friend to follow you or send you friend requests, either immediately or when it's the most convenient moment for them. You still stay in control of whose requests you accept. You can also choose which details you display to your new contact.

JustMetMe shares your info with these easy steps:

  1. Open the app
  2. Show your device screen to the person you just met
  3. Have them use their device to read the code from your screen

This works because JustMetMe app displays all your information in a single QR code. The person you meet doesn't need to have the JustMetMe app installed, all they need is a QR code reader. Any iOS device running iOS 11 or later has a reader built into the Camera app.

When the code has been scanned, it opens a website with a list of links to the contact details you have shared, and the receiver can tap them to send you friend requests or messages depending on the type of contact detail.

Who is it for?

How many new people do you meet every month? Party bees, travelers, performing artists and sportspeople constantly encounter interesting new acquaintances, not to mention all potential business contacts at conferences and in meetings. JustMetMe app is perfect for any social or networking situation!

We can't guarantee you a new best friend, but we can make it easier than ever to keep in touch with the people you connect with. This is exactly why we built JustMetMe – it lets you connect instantly with people you meet!

What info can I share?

JustMetMe app currently supports sharing Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp contact info, as well as email and phone number. You don't need to share them all though!

Maybe you only want to share your Instagram or Facebook account with someone you just met at a party. For more formal situations, you might choose to only share your email address or WhatsApp number. With easy presets in the app you can ensure that only the information you want to share will be available to your new connections.

How about my privacy?

We believe in enabling you to share your information with who you want, and that probably doesn't include us! Therefore, we never store any of the information you share. In fact, it doesn't even pass through our application servers, not even temporarily. What you share stays between you and the person you meet. All your data is stored in your own phone. See Privacy Policy for details.

It's free!

The JustMetMe app is free to download and use. The core features that let you share your info are yours to enjoy with no payment required.

We provide constant enhancements to JustMetMe app based on the needs and ideas from our users, and sometimes these extra features will become available as new premium features in the app for those who want to extend their sharing experience.

JustMetMe app for Apple Watch available now!

You can now also easily share your contact details as a QR code from your Apple Watch! All you need to do is download our free app from the App Store.

JustMetMe contact share by QR for Apple Watch supports devices running watchOS 6.1 or higher.


23rd April 2021: Launched JustMetMe app for Android!

23rd August 2020: Launched JustMetMe app for Apple Watch!

16th July 2020: We got featured in App of the Day! Read more